• Rabu, 22 Mei 2019
  • 10.00 AM Eastern Time (US, Canada) WIB
  • Webinar

A GIJN Webinar with Paul Myers: An Investigative Approach to Online Research

Top online sleuth Paul Myers is a favourite at GIJN’s conferences and will be joining us again at the 11th Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Hamburg this September. In addition, we’re very pleased to announce that Paul, lead consultant of the BBC Investigation Support Initiative, will join us on Wednesday 22 May at 10am EST / 3pm BST / 4pm CET / 10pm CST for an hour-long webinar on effective techniques of online investigation. 

Paul will talk about the best techniques to use Google for investigation, including digging up information about people. You’ll also hear about the best tools and strategies for dealing with the pitfalls and problems along the way. And you’ll also have a chance to ask Paul questions. 

Don't miss GIJN's first webinar with top online sleuth Paul Myers on May 22 at 10am EST. Myers, a favorite at GIJN conferences and lead consultant of the BBC Investigation Support initiative, will spend an hour sharing techniques using Google and social media to dig up info on people. It's free, and you'll have a chance to ask Paul questions. Sign up here!